How much does a wedding cost and how can you pay for it?

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How to get married the low cost way

Wedding budgets can be a significant source of angst between engaged couples, particularly if there isn t much to work with. As soon as you add the word ‘wedding’ to cakes, cars, dresses and venues the bill doubles or triples and this can make it seem almost impossible to get the big day that you want without massively overspending. However, if your budget is tight then this doesn t mean you can’t have a dream wedding. While ‘all you need is love’ might not quite be enough if you ve got wedding guests to feed and impress, you can still make the most of your big day and keep costs down. Avoid the peak times Everyone wants to get married on a Saturday and that’s why it tends to be the most expensive day for anything that you need to book. You can save anything from 15% to 60% by opting for a non-traditional wedding day, such as a Wednesday or a Sunday. Arrange everything for the afternoon and evening then your guests only need to take an afternoon off work, at most. It also