The Top 6 Music Festivals for 2017

Summer is festival heaven. Whether you’re a fan of boutique events in UK woodlands or secret hideaways in Croatia, there are plenty of options to keep every possible type of festivalgoer entertained.  Glastonbury (21st – 25th June) Glastonbury remains the Mother of all music festivals and one that every true festival fan needs to attend at least once. Who’s playing? Radiohead, Ed Sheeran, Katie Perry, Foo Fighters, Solange. Where is it? Down on Worthy Farm in Pilton, Somerset. How do you get tickets? Tickets sell out in a day and most have now already been sold, unless you know someone in a band or you’re prepared to buy a VIP package. Comfort tip: Hire a yurt, don’t camp. The Glastonbury site is notorious for being a mud bath if it rains and Glasto is notorious for taking place on the only rainy weekend in June.. Truck Festival (21st – 23rd July) Self-named “the godfather of the small festival scene” Truck festival is a leading independent event. Offering all the exc

Summer travel tips for student budgets

With such lovely long holidays, it makes sense for students to think about travel when term time is over. From Interrailing around France, Germany and the rest of Europe, to lazing on the beaches of South America, there are many sights to see. While most students don’t have enormous resources, this doesn’t have to stop you. There are plenty of ways to see the world as a student on a budget. Perfect the Work:Travel ratio You can lessen the impact of travel on your finances for next term with a 50:50 work to travel ratio. Smart students work for months or weeks before leaving, to get the cash together for flights etc. This means you can enjoy your travels with money in the bank. However, there are also many jobs abroad available to travellers, depending on your skills. You could teach English, clean a bar, pick fruit or be a tour guide, for example. Working as you go often means you can travel further, as well as enjoy the experience of feeling like a local. Work for a month then tr

Top 5 ways to pay for your summer holiday

Summer’s here and our thoughts inevitably turn to sun-kissed beaches, the swimming pool, long suppers underneath the vines and time away from the stress of work. But holidays abroad can be incredibly expensive – especially if you have to travel during the school holidays. However, you can finance the cost of a good summer holiday and spread the repayments over a period of time to make it much more achievable. With interest rates at record low levels, the cost of borrowing continues to remain extremely affordable. Use your savings If you’ve got the money saved up, then using it to pay for a great summer holiday makes perfect sense. Interest rates on savings are so low that many people are getting next to no income on them at all. But using your savings to pay for your summer holiday doesn’t mean simply withdrawing it all in cash and using that. Instead, you should use credit cards to book the holiday to take advantage of the protection these offer should something go wrong. If,

How to save money over the summer

Summer is here and the sun (hopefully) will shine at this time of year, our thoughts naturally turn to holidays and entertaining during those long warm evenings. But summer can also be expensive with research showing that Britons are more likely to live beyond their means during the warmer months than during the colder ones. Happily, you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy the summer. There are plenty of deals on everything from holidays to trips to keep the kids happy which will ensure that you can still have a great time between now and the end of August while keeping your bank manager happy: Shop locally It’s a misconception that food is cheaper in the supermarkets. Shopping for your fruit, vegetables and meat separately is not only a good way to save money, it will also make you think more about your diet and how to live more healthily. If you have a farmers market in your town, then pay it a visit. The range of locally produced fruit and veg is usually excellent and the pri