How to spot fake news | How to escape your social media filter bubble

How to spot fake news | How to escape your social media filter bubble


Proposed revisions to the UK’s social care funding

It’s been dubbed the “dementia tax” and in the run-up to the General Election caused a huge controversy which resulted in Theresa May announcing a hasty u-turn in response to a backlash from Conservative-supporting newspapers and groups representing the elderly. But what is this tax and how would it effect families and elderly people across Britain? What is the dementia tax ? The so-called dementia tax is a series of a proposals from the Conservatives to reform the way that social care is provided and paid for. Under the Tory plans, anybody who decides to stay at home and receive care rather than moving into a residential care home would be able to pay for it using the value of their property once they have passed away. The plans put a threshold of £100,000 on the care meaning the entire value of the home apart from that first £100,000 would be reclaimable after a person’s death if he or she had social care in older age. The policy was announced by the Conservatives at the

What are your rights as a social housing tenant?

If you live in social housing then you will either be a tenant of your local authority or a housing association. The rights and obligations which go with these tenancies vary considerably. In this article, we look at the main differences. Your Rights if you are a Tenant Most people who rent from a housing association or council are assured tenants which means that they are guaranteed the right to live in the home for life so long as they are not evicted for non-payment of rent or other breaches of the tenancy agreement. However, some tenants of housing associations are on assured shorthold tenancies which may mean that their housing association is able to end their tenancy when the fixed-term runs out. Other types of housing association tenancies are starter tenancies for new tenants and demoted tenancies for people who have been convicted of certain types of behaviour by a court and results in fewer protections against eviction. If you have an assured tenancy, you’ll must be given

Your social media personal finance money experts

Social media is increasingly becoming a resource for everything, from personal finance tips to recipes. However, with billions of users worldwide, Twitter, Facebook etc can be hard to navigate. If you’re looking for personal finance advice from the experts then you could spend hours wasting time. To help you avoid the duds we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 personal finance experts on social media and then there s our blog and Facebook page too! @Miss_Thrifty This enormously popular social media account is the work of award winning blogger Miss Thrifty. As the name suggests, the blog and social posts are all about being thrifty and saving cash. Recipes and household money saving tips, as well as solutions for reducing food waste are all part of the fun. Ideas are very family focused but plenty of tips for individuals too, from reducing energy costs to how to clean patent leather. @moneycouk Hannah Maundrell is the editor of and a smart Twitter account to follow fo

Which influencers on Instagram should you follow?

Instagram is a social media platform where users post and share images. It currently has more than 500 million monthly active users – and numbers continue to grow. Since its inception, Instagram has become much more than just a photo sharing site. Now, it’s a business opportunity, a source of fashion inspiration, experience sharing and life inspo. Whether you’re looking to follow influencers (i.e. those with the most social presence) or just interesting accounts, here are our suggestions for some Instagram pages to connect with. For students The Frugality (thefrugality). Alex Stedman is a blogger turned Instagram influencer very popular with those on a budget. Fashion and beauty focused, her profile is the perfect place for bargains. So, if you want to live that jet set lifestyle on a bus pass budget, this is an influencer to follow. Thrifty Lesley (thriftylesley). Not yet an influencer but nevertheless an interesting Instagram account to follow. Based around the concept of feed