Spring Short Story Competition Open for Entries

We re pleased to announce that our third short story competition is open for entries. Entries to our previous competition grew significantly compared to our inaugural one. And we re expecting a lot of interest in the new one not least because of its theme and a certain event that it coincides with! The theme of this competition is The Wedding Gift . It can be interpreted any way you wish, but we do recommend you take heed of our judges advice following our previous competition: As a writer, it’s worth remembering that your first idea for a story may often be someone else’s too, so it might be a good idea to dig again more deeply for a different or more unusual idea? Here are the competition s rules and terms & conditions. They should all be self-explanatory. Not only is the competition FREE to enter (unlike many others) but you could also WIN a first prize of £250 or a runners up prize of £50! Please be aware that your entry must be received by midnight on Thursday 31st May 2018


A Clear and Honest Approach to Short-Term Lending

Why is there a market for Short-Term Lending? Research conducted by the Money Advice Service in 2016 concluded that 40% of the UK’s working population have less than £100 in savings. This is a frightening statistic. It means that many millions of people have no buffer should they suffer even a mild emergency. Something as simple as their washing machine breaking down will cause them financial hardship. The lack of savings is only partly a function of income. Many relatively well-off households (income over £30,000 p.a.) who aren’t classified as “low income” struggle to save. On the other hand it has also been shown that nearly 25% of adults on “low income” (earning less than £13,500 p.a.) have managed to build up savings of over £1,000. The issue therefore seems to be more to do with a poor “savings habit” driven in part by today’s consumer society – after all we’re constantly bombarded with advertising messages tempting us to part with our cash. Perhaps we s

Summer Short Story Competition Now Open

Our summer #shortstorycompetition is now open. No Entry Fee. £350 of prize money available, including a £200 winner s prize. Following the success of our winter competition we are now running one every 6 months. Here are the details of how to enter our summer 2017 competition. The theme this time is Coins something to get your head around! The deadline for your entry is 30 September. There was a great reaction to our first competition both in terms of the entries received and also the comments from readers about the winning works. Clearly the competition tapped into a rich vein of creativity, and we think there s even better to come. So, as it s free to enter and competitive prize money available why not give it a go? You ve got the whole summer to get your thoughts onto paper just make sure we receive your entry by 30th September. Good luck! Related Stories Winners of first short story competition announced

Winners of first Solution Loans short story writing competition announced

Back in January we launched our first short story writing competition (2500 words maximum). We did this as a reaction to all the negative press that personal finance seems to receive these days. Our objective with this competition was to demonstrate the positive and transformational effects that sensibly considered finance can have on people s lives. And we were blown away by the range of ideas and the depth of creativity that was shown in the stories that were sent to us. The competition closed at the end of March and we have just announced the winner and runners up. All received cash prizes and have their stories published on our website. The winning story A New Agenda was remarkable and won the writer Sarah Evans £200. As our judges noted: Sarah’s story takes us straight to the point where our main character is seeking a loan, but leaves us in suspense as to how she plans to use the funds. We liked the characterisation of the old friends as they meet up at a college reunion –

Why people will always need short term loans

It is easy to be critical of the short-term loan providers, especially given the high-profile mistakes they have made in recent years. Certainly there was highly misleading advertising and dubious, unregulated practices by some companies within the industry that came to light back in 2013. And these will not be quickly forgotten even though the market is now highly regulated and closely monitored. But did you know that over 1 million people in the UK alone would not pass the credit checks required to open a regular current account at a high street bank – that s one million people who won t have access to the normal banking facilities that the majority take for granted, let alone access to any form of mainstream credit. By any standards that is a huge minority so to be critical of the short term loan market fails to recognise the needs of those million people here in the UK. Just like anyone else they have emergency situations that they cannot cover with cash and where many people wo

Short story writing competition launched

There s lots of media coverage about the personal finance industry and more often than not the coverage is negative. Often lenders are criticised for one reason or another or borrowers are berated for living beyond their means. While some criticism is no doubt justified it is just as clear to us that the majority of people borrow for perfectly good reasons, stay in control of their repayments and at the end have made a positive change to their lives. With this in mind we thought we would give a voice to the silent majority and encourage come creativity at the same time. Short Stories designed to Inspire Our new short story writing competition aims to get people to get their inspiring tales onto paper so that the best can be shared with others. Whether your tale is about broadening the mind through travel, improving your skills through further education, succeeding against adversity, or some other pursuit, we really don t mind. The tale needs to be a work of fiction rather than a

Quick safe ways to borrow over the short term

If you need a quick and safe way to get some credit then there are number of alternatives available to you. We have written about payday loans and doorstep loans in our blog on a number of occasions in the past few months. The other methods that spring to mind include: Credit cards If you need to borrow a smaller amount – less than £7,500, for example – then it may be cheaper to use a credit card with an interest-free introductory period on purchases. The best option in this area is Tesco’s Clubcard credit card which gives you 0 per cent interest for a period of 16 months. You’ll also get double or even treble Tesco Clubcard points when you use it for purchases within the store. Purchases at some other stores will also earn you points. As well as interest-free purchases, the Tesco card also offers 0 per cent on balance transfers for a period of nine months although you will have to pay a 2.9 per cent fee on the balance of any transfers. The M&S credit card offers interest-fre