6 great money apps to help you seize control of your finances

Modern money is hard to keep track of – bank accounts, credit cards, loans, savings… a lot of us have more than one of each. With the phenomenal growth of online finance, the days of paper statements are drawing to a close with the majority of people now opting to do all their financials over the web. Fortunately, the growth of online banking has been mirrored by the rise of the finance and money apps. There are now a large number of money assistants available to help make your life easier by offering a number of financial tools through one interface. But which are the best and easiest if you regularly use your smartphone? Here we take a look at our top six: Top 6 Money Apps PiggyPot This neat little saving app goes a long way to automating your savings and investments. The money app allows you to choose how much you want to save, set a date for it, decide whether to save monthly or weekly and then takes care of all of it. There are a huge number of different preset pots that you