How to avoid being ripped off by ticket resale websites

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How to protect yourself from being ripped off by car hire companies

The car hire industry in Europe and the UK is going through a pretty tough time right now. Consumer confidence is at an all time low, with a 30% rise in complaints about car hire practices in the past 12 months. Plus, one of Europe’s major rental companies is now the subject of an investigation into systemic over charging of customers. Of course, not all rental operations are the same – but if you’re looking to hire a car then you need to make sure you protect yourself from being ripped off. What’s going on in the industry? Problems in the car hire industry have got to a critical point. The Spanish Tourist Board has even said that the issues with hire cars and hidden fees, for example, are damaging the reputation of the country. Consumers have less confidence in car hire companies than ever before and it’s not helped by the fact that some of the biggest names are currently in the dock for bad practices. Europcar, for example, is under investigation by Trading Standards for s