The Great Property Renting Race – how to find and keep that great property

One of the main reasons many of us want to buy is to get away from the insecurity of renting. The average UK tenancy is just 12 months and long-term tenancies of three to five years are unheard of. That means, for many tenants, there is an annual insecurity about losing the roof over your head. Add to that the increasing cost of renting and the lack of good properties and it can be a thoroughly anxiety inducing situation. But there are ways around it. If you want to find – and keep – a great rental property, it can be done. Finding your rental home There’s no need to rely on high street letting agents any more to find the best rental properties in your area. Online agencies such as Upad often have a much wider selection of options and lower fees. If you want to bypass the agent completely then sites like Open Rent connect landlords and tenants directly. Thinking it over Start by giving yourself the time to research the perfect property. Letting agents have a tendency to give the