So you’re over 35. What can you do to prepare for the coming job revolution?

Do you hate your job? Maybe you feel like you’re just having one long bad day in the office. According to research from Vodafone, those aged 31 – 35 are the most likely to be unhappy at work. The main reasons for this are feeling undervalued, feeling under motivated and being unfulfilled. The main consequence could be a desire for a complete change of direction at age 35+. But is this really possible? Given the competitive nature of the jobs market and the fact that artificial intelligence (AI) and automation could make many of today’s employment opportunities irrelevant ten years from now, is this really a wise move – and if so what are your options? Work out what you want Step 1, whatever stage of life you’re at, is to figure out what you want to do next. Being generally unhappy in your job isn’t a good reason to try something new. If you don’t have a genuine desire to do something else then it’s often worth looking at other, less drastic options. Could you ask for a


How to prepare for a long, hard winter

By: Alex Hartley Jan 11, 2016 How to prepare for a long, hard winter Although we had one of the mildest Decembers on record this year, we’re now in the period of winter that often results in snow, where temperatures plummet, and when spring can seem very, very far away. As well as this being the worst time for weather, it can be a difficult period for your finances too, and even your state of mind. As we’re looking ahead at what could be a long, hard winter we’ve got a few tips to help you get through the worst of it. Tip 1: Heat yourself, not your house Many of us waste money on heating during the winter months and it’s the time of year when the temptation to just turn up the thermostat and shut the door is overwhelming. However, your home doesn’t need to be warm if you’re not in it and the way you dress and act can have an impact on how much heat you need. Buy yourself warm slippers or socks, a cosy duvet and perhaps a hot water bottle so that when it gets really cold you

What you can do now to prepare for Christmas

By: Oliver Jones Nov 26, 2015 What you can do now to prepare for Christmas Yes, it’s still only November and, no, we don’t want you to get sick of the word Christmas before Advent has even started but there are some serious benefits to getting the festive season on your agenda before it really hits. No matter what kind of Christmas you’re planning there is plenty that you can do now to make sure that it’s not a last minute panicked, pressured affair. Bake a cake/pudding If you’re making your own Christmas cake and puddings this year then now is the time to do it. A good Christmas cake needs to be fed with brandy for several weeks before it’s eaten to have a really festive zing. ‘Stir up Sunday’ is the day on which you should be stirring up that rich Christmas pudding mix – this fell on 23rd November last year so if you’re intending to do home made puddings for 2015 then you need to make them soon. Send out your invites People have a problem with spontaneous fun at