What are your Child Care Options in the UK?

The law in the UK makes it very clear that it’s not acceptable to leave a child on their own if it puts them at risk (it’s also a criminal offence). As a result, childcare is a requirement for many families, whether single or dual parented. According to the Department for Education, in 2016 there were roughly 3,092,100 childcare places available, split across nursery, childminders and group and school providers. However, finding the right provider, securing a place for your child and getting help with the costs can be a complex and frustrating experience. What help is available? Childcare costs make up a part of the Working Tax Credit and, if you’re eligible, you could get help with up to 70% of the cost of childcare (working families on Universal Credit could claim up to 85% of monthly childcare cost). To be eligible, parents need to be working at least 16 hours a week and earning below a certain level. There are also restrictions on the childcare provider you can use – the g


What are the best options for saving money?

Being able to save money is the key to future financial success. From a deposit for a home, to car financing and paying for holidays, savings come in very useful indeed. Despite this, many of us find it hard to save. Given the squeeze on so many household budgets, the rise in the cost of living and low interest rates, incentives to do it can seem few. However, once you accumulate savings you give yourself the freedom to make financial decisions. So, if you’re looking to get the most out of your savings what are your options? Under the bed This ‘option’ could be under the bed, in a shoebox, stuffed in a sock etc. For those who don’t trust banks with their cash this is often the first choice. The advantage of saving in this way is that you have complete control. However, there are many disadvantages too. You won’t earn any interest on cash that you keep under the bed and there is no official record of it. Cash that is ‘out of the system’ in this way won’t contribute to c

What are the options for free online dating?

“We met on Tinder!”  goes the cry, but admitting to meeting on a free online dating site used to be a big No No. However, as technology has made online dating cooler and more accessible, we’re all doing it. And the result is that it’s become completely normal for marriages to have begun with a swipe right. As always with online dating, big businesses have sought to cash in on our need to be loved by charging for their services. However, with so many websites and apps around do you really need to hand over your credit card? These are some of the best options for free online dating – that also happen to be some of the most successful. Tinder It’s a free app that you can download to a smart phone that allows you to ‘swipe’ for dates. The app is linked to your Facebook profile and so displays your ‘likes’ and your Facebook photos. However, the fact that you’re ‘Tindering’ won’t be revealed to your Facebook friends. To get started you simply look at the face in

Your business startup funding options

We’re entering a phase in our economy now where startups are an increasingly popular option. As the digital world opens up new opportunities for anyone to go into business, startups are launching at record rates. Getting startup funding is probably one of the most crucial elements to its success. Given that half of all UK startups fail within the first five years it’s not something that can be overlooked. But what are your options if you have an idea that you want to sow, germinate and grow? Crowdfunding This is an increasingly popular way to get investment to help boost cashflow and take a business to the next level. There are a number of different crowdfunding options out there and their offerings differ. You can choose a platform that gives your crowdfunders some kind of reward or incentive to invest (e.g. a personalised or exclusive product) or one where individuals buy equity in the business. Equity is essentially a share of the business. Normally, to use an equity model you