34 Top Songs about Money, Aspiration, Wealth and Debt!

Love and money are the two things that probably pre-occupy people more than anything else. Everyone aspires to finding that perfect relationship and everyone desperately wants to have enough money to get by. In reality everyone wants more than just enough they want real wealth how else can you explain the success of the National Lottery or the preparedness of many to gamble? But what we thought was odd was the apparent lack of really great songs about money about people s aspirations, frustrations, achievements, weaknesses and failings. When you think about it just about every other song is about love and relationships! We just had to track down as many great money songs as we could. Our Top Money Music Tracks After much searching here are our top 34 songs about money, bread, dough, moolah, skrilla, spondulix, lolly etc. They re in no particular order but if you want to rank them then please do so in the comments below: Which of these would be your top 3, your top 5 or your top 10? Su

TV soaps highlight the risks of using illegal money lenders

Soaps such as Coronation Street have some pretty arresting storylines that are designed to make us think. From bullying, to eating disorders, any regular soap watcher will have seen it all. Earlier this year Coronation Street highlighted the dangers of borrowing from illegal money lenders with Tyrone and Fiz who got into a spot of bother with a loan shark. Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones. Why do we borrow badly? The perception is often that established lenders are less likely to offer finance to anyone who doesn’t have great credit. Like the characters in the soap opera scripts we often think that there are no options left other than the illegal lender. There are also plenty of illegal lenders who seem perfectly reasonable and friendly at first – and then turn out to have a completely different agenda. Threats of violence, spiralling ‘interest’ and huge debt demands can all be part of the experience of borrowing from a money lender who is less than legal. Is there a

Where to save your money with interest rates so low

It continues to be hard going for Britain’s savers. With interest rates continuing at record lows, returns on savings are negligible or worse for the clear majority. One of the main areas affected by low interest rates is that of cash Isas where the average rate paid is just 0.99% with the possibility that this could go even lower as Britain starts to negotiate its withdrawal from the European Union with many economists predicting an economic slowdown. It may be hard to believe that the rates paid on Isas could drop further – particularly when you consider that NatWest only pays 0.01% on its Isa – but the likelihood is that they will. So, where should savers wishing to get a half decent return on their investments put their money. Here, we look at the alternatives to cash Isas where the tax saving benefit seems to have become negligible: Interest-bearing current accounts Bizarre as it may seem, many of the current accounts available on the high street and online now pay much hi

How the Money Advice Service could help with your financial plans and financial worries

The Money Advice Service (MAS) launched in 2011 to provide free advice on financial matters. It’s an independent organisation with the objective of helping British citizens better understand personal finances. The MAS has also been designed to give people tools to manage personal finances, to help with serious debt problems or issues that arise from misunderstanding finances and financial systems. However, last year the Treasury announced that the MAS would be closed and replaced by a much smaller entity. So what does that mean for those who need free financial advice in the UK? The Money Advice Service If you’ve ever searched online for financial advice then no doubt you’ve come across the MAS. Its ethos of providing advice that is both free and impartial has given thousands of people the chance to sort their finances out. The idea has always been to provide advice with no agenda. So, advice on buying insurance, for example, that doesn’t have the underlying objective of getti

Top 5 money problems faced by Britons today

Figures from the Money Advice Service in 2016 found that more than 8 million Britons have ‘problem debt’. This is just one of the numerous money problems that keep many of us awake at night. Issues with money cover a whole wide range of areas. From not having enough in the bank for a rainy day, to being unable to repay what has been borrowed, few of us has escaped with our finances constantly in the pink. As we start a new year, what are the top 5 money problems likely faced by Britons in 2017? The Christmas Hangover A survey in December 2016 found that more than a quarter of families in Briton were planning to borrow to pay for Christmas. With the average cost of Christmas coming in at £700 £800 for a household, it’s easy to see how we get into trouble. The temptation to borrow and put off thinking about it until the new year is too great when there are gifts to get and turkey to buy. However, that means that for a lot of people January can be a really difficult month. Borro

Your social media personal finance money experts

Social media is increasingly becoming a resource for everything, from personal finance tips to recipes. However, with billions of users worldwide, Twitter, Facebook etc can be hard to navigate. If you’re looking for personal finance advice from the experts then you could spend hours wasting time. To help you avoid the duds we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 personal finance experts on social media and then there s our blog and Facebook page too! @Miss_Thrifty This enormously popular social media account is the work of award winning blogger Miss Thrifty. As the name suggests, the blog and social posts are all about being thrifty and saving cash. Recipes and household money saving tips, as well as solutions for reducing food waste are all part of the fun. Ideas are very family focused but plenty of tips for individuals too, from reducing energy costs to how to clean patent leather. @moneycouk Hannah Maundrell is the editor of http://www.money.co.uk and a smart Twitter account to follow fo

How to get the best travel money foreign currency exchange rates

Exchange rate forecasts have been somewhat gloomy since the Brexit vote. However, although the pound may have dropped, you can still get the best possible rates on travel money if you know how. Perhaps you’re planning some winter sun for the new year. Or maybe you’re looking to gift currency to a traveller in the family for Christmas. We’ve got some great tips on how to find the best travel currency rates right now. Make sure you know the lingo The fastest way to get a bad deal on travel money is to get confused. Key to this is understanding what the jargon means. A ‘sell rate’ is what you will get when you hand over British pounds. A ‘buy rate’ applies to a situation where you’re exchanging currency you didn’t spend back into pounds. And the gap between the two rates is the profit margin earned by the currency trader it can be quite large! Buy your foreign currency online Many of the best travel money exchange rates are to be found online. Even if you’re buying fr