Last minute tips for your Summer Holiday preparations

Given how much of the year is spent longing for the summer holidays it’s amazing how quickly they come around. One minute it’s Easter, the next you’re a day away from jumping on the plane and you don’t even have so much as a mosquito repellent to pack. Avoid being caught out before your summer hols this year with some hot tips for getting ready. Summer Holiday Top 10 Hot Tips Use e-tickets. We’ve all had that last minute dash to check in only to remember that the tickets/boarding passes we carefully printed out are sitting at home on the kitchen table. Give yourself one less thing to worry about this summer and use e-documents that you can access via your phone. Take a kindle. If you’re the kind of person who can’t holiday without filling half your suitcase with books then switch to a Kindle this year for a much less stressful (and lighter) travel experience. When you’re buying travel insurance look further than the price. Insurance comparison websites will give you a


How to pay for a last minute Christmas

By: Oliver Jones Dec 23, 2015 How to pay for a last minute Christmas Christmas is just around the corner now and for many of us that means a last minute mad dash to try and organise everything that we simply haven’t had time for until now. If the last time you look at the calendar it was October, and you just don’t know where the time has gone, then you’re not alone. A survey this December by Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks’ revealed that 14% of the UK population wait until Christmas Eve to make a crazy trip to the shops to try and get everything, from turkey to presents. These ‘panic buyers’ made up the second biggest type of shopping group in the survey with figures even worse in London where 20% of people would be white knuckling it around the shops on December 24th. But how do you pay for a last minute Christmas without the spending getting out of control? Have a budget The main issue that many of us have with a last minute Christmas is the fact that this tends to resul