Which jobs make us the most satisfied and happy?

If you could do a job that was guaranteed to make you happy, would you? There are many different factors involved in the satisfaction that we get from what we do every day. And, ultimately, we’re all pretty individual in terms of what makes us happy and satisfied, or otherwise. However, 2016 UK Cabinet Office research found that there are some jobs that are a recipe for maximum happiness (and some that aren’t). The research was composed of a number of polls and surveys that challenged employees to rate their overall life satisfaction. The results might surprise you. Top 10 jobs that make people happy


What’s going to happen to the UK jobs market in 2017?

How will employment fare in 2017? Which sectors will grow and which will decline? What will the impact of Brexit be on all of those in and seeking work? The answer depends on which economist or forecasting unit you believe. Some are predicting robust growth throughout the rest of this year while others are predicting subdued growth or even rising unemployment. What are the forecasts about UK jobs? In its annual survey of economists published by the Financial Times in January, a majority of economists said that they expected that growth in the UK economy will slow markedly this year with household incomes suffering because of rising inflation and a majority of businesses postponing or shelving decisions on investment because of Brexit uncertainties. That, say the economists, will have a knock-on effect on the jobs market. Unemployment will start to rise this year as businesses try to cut costs in anticipation of Britain’s exit from the EU. Pressure on household incomes caused by ris

How will economic and political changes affect UK jobs market?

2016 has been something of a turbulent year. The departures of David Bowie and Leonard Cohen were bad enough. However, with a Trump presidency, a looming Brexit and the after effects of recession there’s plenty of ongoing challenges to contend with right now. For UK jobs market, each of these events (bar Bowie and Cohen) has an impact. Some industries suffer and others grow. But the ongoing uncertainty attached to economic and political factors right now is causing a general slowdown. Post Brexit jobs market wobble In the weeks and months immediately after Brexit, everything seemed to shudder to a slight halt. UK recruitment specialists Hays reported that the jobs market in the UK weakened significantly at the time of the vote. However, now that we’re almost at the end of the year, it seems to be rebounding. As with everything to do with Brexit, it’s the uncertainty that creates the negative conditions. However, there is hope. While wage growth remained sluggish around 2.3%, the

Top 12 crazy jobs that pay crazy money

Not everyone spends their days in an office staring at a computer screen or on the factory floor amidst the noise of a production process. Some people actually eschew these traditional forms of employment in favour of excitement and variety and, sometimes, those jobs just happen to come with very generous pay. So here are the top 12 jobs (some of which you might never have heard of) which pay extraordinary amounts of money! Crazy jobs, big money Professional bridesmaid. There are some people who don’t get married in church or at their local register office. Often, they will fly to an exotic location which relations or friends cannot afford and so the bride will need a bridesmaid who she may never have met before. There are plenty of so-called ‘professional bridesmaids’ charging anything from £500 to £5,000 to hold the bride’s train walking up the aisle. Lift mechanic. Ever been stuck in a lift with a group of people you’ve never met before or a guy with halitosis? It isn