Summer 2018 Holidays – Where to go and how to pay for it

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2016 winter sun holidays that won’t break the bank

If you don’t have the cash for the Caribbean and your funds won’t run to Australia don’t panic. While temperatures in Europe are dropping there are still ways to seek out winter sun without spending a fortune. Whether you’re a student, or you’re just on a budget, the world offers some great winter sun spots that won t break the bank. Oman For some reason Oman has never made it onto many winter sun destination lists. However, this fascinating country with its rugged mountains and sparkling seas is the perfect low cost location. Positioned on the edge of the Arabian Peninsular, Oman is rich with history and dramatic locations, from the buzz of Muscat, to the moon-like landscapes of the desert. The Wahiba Sands offer insight into local Bedouin lifestyles and the Oman Fjords are known as the Grand Canyon of Oman. As well as the wealth of natural beauty there are plenty of man made delights too. See the stunning architecture of the local mosques, visit the Nizwa Fort and spend ho

How we waste money on holiday

Holidays are one of our biggest annual spends. Flights, accommodation and travel can be the most significant cost but it doesn’t end there. Inevitably, holiday budgets are undermined by that sense of joy you get from two weeks in the sun. The spending recklessness that comes with it can play havoc with your finances. Most of us know we overspend on our annual break but where do we waste the most cash? At the airport Whether you’re buying entertainment for the kids or accidentally purchasing your window shopping, airports can be costly. Books and magazines, perfumes and aftershaves, food and celebratory drinks all add up. If you want to save money from the start then take food with you instead of buying expensive airport meals. Pre-plan how to keep the kids happy and make sure you don’t pack toys, colouring books etc into checked-in bags so you have to buy more. Allow yourself one item of tax free shopping and have a specific budget for it. That way you won’t take off with half

How to save money on holiday

Holidays count as one of our most significant annual expenses   whether you’re going to Hastings or Hawaii it’s very easy to run up an enormous bill. Travel, accommodation, food, and other cash you spend while you’re away. We all want to make sure that we get the best from our holiday experience each year but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to have a great time. Below are some useful tips on how to save money on holiday. Go where the deals take you If you’re looking to save cash, but get the best that you can for what you have, then be flexible about the details. If you’re willing to search for something like ‘a sun holiday in a four star hotel near the beach’ then you will have a much wider range of choice than being location or hotel specific. Hotels and travel companies need to fill empty spaces and will drop their prices to do so now that we’re in June so make the most of these discounts and get them where they are available. Fly at night The cheapest flights