Eating out vs. home cooking – The Great Food Debate continues

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What are your responsibilities as a guarantor for a loan?

For someone without a great credit score, finding a friend or relative willing to be a guarantor can be a simple solution to getting rejected for credit. If you’re willing to stand as a guarantor for someone you know then you’re doing them a great favour. However, it’s also important to understand what you’re signing on for and what might happen if they’re not able to pay back the loan. What is a guarantor? If you decide to be a guarantor then you’re guaranteeing the obligations of the person who is taking out the loan. In practice, that means that if the borrower can’t make any repayments on the loan you’ve agreed that the lender can demand them from you instead. Guarantors are asked to sign a guarantee agreement – this is a legally binding document and once you sign it you become responsible for the loan repayments if the person you are acting as guarantor for cannot pay. Why do lenders ask for guarantors? It all comes down to how creditworthy the borrower is. If t

Can it ever make sense to have a Store Card?

Store cards used to seem like a great idea. If you regularly shop with one retailer then a store card acts just like a credit card but specific to your favourite brand and with lots of benefits – doesn’t it? Although the idea may be sound in principle, store cards have recently been labelled “the devil’s debt” because more than two thirds of the cards on offer come with interest rates on purchases of 25 – 30%. So, is it ever going to be worth making purchases with a store card? Why do people have store cards? As well as the convenience of buying without cash, store cards have a number of other benefits too. Many offer discounts on purchases – the New Look card, for example offers 20% off a second purchase – and if you have a store card at somewhere like Topman then you’re entitled to free delivery every time you buy online. Store cards come with a credit limit just like any other credit card. However, these are frequently increased over time as customers remain loyal

10 Tips for the best job interview technique

A great interview is a crucial step for anyone looking for a job offer from a new employer. However, it’s also the stage that many of us fear the most – and the part of the recruitment process so often left to chance. If you want to maximise your chances of being selected then these 10 essential tips will help you land the role. Prepare as much as you can According to a survey by employment website Monster jobs, 93% of employers agree that the level of candidate interview preparation will have an influence on whether or not an offer is made. Employers specifically look for candidates who have prepared for an interview and they have enough experience to spot those who don’t. Preparation could include everything from extensively researching the role and the market, to getting information about the business culture from social media and forums. Be on time In that same Monster survey, candidate timekeeping was the top most influential factor in terms of what employers look for. If y

The Great Property Renting Race – how to find and keep that great property

One of the main reasons many of us want to buy is to get away from the insecurity of renting. The average UK tenancy is just 12 months and long-term tenancies of three to five years are unheard of. That means, for many tenants, there is an annual insecurity about losing the roof over your head. Add to that the increasing cost of renting and the lack of good properties and it can be a thoroughly anxiety inducing situation. But there are ways around it. If you want to find – and keep – a great rental property, it can be done. Finding your rental home There’s no need to rely on high street letting agents any more to find the best rental properties in your area. Online agencies such as Upad often have a much wider selection of options and lower fees. If you want to bypass the agent completely then sites like Open Rent connect landlords and tenants directly. Thinking it over Start by giving yourself the time to research the perfect property. Letting agents have a tendency to give the

6 great money apps to help you seize control of your finances

Modern money is hard to keep track of – bank accounts, credit cards, loans, savings… a lot of us have more than one of each. With the phenomenal growth of online finance, the days of paper statements are drawing to a close with the majority of people now opting to do all their financials over the web. Fortunately, the growth of online banking has been mirrored by the rise of the finance and money apps. There are now a large number of money assistants available to help make your life easier by offering a number of financial tools through one interface. But which are the best and easiest if you regularly use your smartphone? Here we take a look at our top six: Top 6 Money Apps PiggyPot This neat little saving app goes a long way to automating your savings and investments. The money app allows you to choose how much you want to save, set a date for it, decide whether to save monthly or weekly and then takes care of all of it. There are a huge number of different preset pots that you

8 ways to get great clothes without spending too much

Why do some people look good and others look like they ve dressed themselves at the local jumble sale? It’s all about money, isn t it? Those with a lot of cash can afford the best designer clothes, take a pride in their appearance and look smooth and polished all the time, right? Wrong. While having a lot of money can mean that you’ll have the cash to spend on the latest fashions, just because you aren t rich does not mean that you have to dress poorly or not take pride in your appearance. 8 top tips to save money on your clothes: Have a clothes budget It’s a myth that shopping for new clothes will break the bank. In fact, thanks to globalisation, clothes have never been cheaper. True buying yourself a completely new wardrobe in one go can cost you a lot, but if you break it down and shop regularly rather than once a year, then you’ll keep your wardrobe fresh without putting a strain on your bank account. The trick is to set a monthly budget for clothing and stick to it. The