Proposed revisions to the UK’s social care funding

It’s been dubbed the “dementia tax” and in the run-up to the General Election caused a huge controversy which resulted in Theresa May announcing a hasty u-turn in response to a backlash from Conservative-supporting newspapers and groups representing the elderly. But what is this tax and how would it effect families and elderly people across Britain? What is the dementia tax ? The so-called dementia tax is a series of a proposals from the Conservatives to reform the way that social care is provided and paid for. Under the Tory plans, anybody who decides to stay at home and receive care rather than moving into a residential care home would be able to pay for it using the value of their property once they have passed away. The plans put a threshold of £100,000 on the care meaning the entire value of the home apart from that first £100,000 would be reclaimable after a person’s death if he or she had social care in older age. The policy was announced by the Conservatives at the


7 ways to raise business funding and finance

It s no surprise that every business needs funding, whether it s a new startup or a well-established small business looking to grow. Establishing and growing a successful business always needs an injection of hard cash no matter how exciting the idea or how great the business model. But that is often the stumbling block holding back small businesses: how to raise money. It is tempting to think that you can get a loan from your bank, especially if you have a proven track record with them and a proven business model if you have been trading for a few years. Unfortunately, in our current economic climate that is frequently not going to happen. So if your business, like so many others, has been turned down by the mainstream banks what are your alternatives? Fortunately, mainstream banks are not the only lenders out there and the rise of the internet has made alternative funding a very viable option for many – and often a cheaper option than a more traditional route to raising finance fo

Your business startup funding options

We’re entering a phase in our economy now where startups are an increasingly popular option. As the digital world opens up new opportunities for anyone to go into business, startups are launching at record rates. Getting startup funding is probably one of the most crucial elements to its success. Given that half of all UK startups fail within the first five years it’s not something that can be overlooked. But what are your options if you have an idea that you want to sow, germinate and grow? Crowdfunding This is an increasingly popular way to get investment to help boost cashflow and take a business to the next level. There are a number of different crowdfunding options out there and their offerings differ. You can choose a platform that gives your crowdfunders some kind of reward or incentive to invest (e.g. a personalised or exclusive product) or one where individuals buy equity in the business. Equity is essentially a share of the business. Normally, to use an equity model you