How to find your next job in a rapidly interconnecting world

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How to find a really good second hand used car

The second hand car market in the UK is expanding. In the first quarter of 2017, sales of used cars reached an all time high. In fact, we’re buying so many used cars now that earlier this year the sales of new cars fell for the first time in eight years! There are a number of different reasons why used cars have become so incredibly popular. Perhaps the most significant is the Personal Contract Purchase (PCP). The PCP is the type of financing that many people use to buy a new car. It enables a buyer to make payments over a period of time and then at the end of say 3-4 years decide whether or not to make a large final payment to keep the car – or to hand it back and enter into another PCP for a different car. As more and more people choose to hand back these slightly used cars the vehicles make their way into the used car market, increasing both the volume and the options available. Why opt for a used car? ‘Second hand car’ might once have conjured up an image of an old banger

Why do Britons find it so hard to save?

Saving money isn’t exactly the most glamorous thing to do with your hard earned cash. A recent survey by Aviva found that 21% of us in the UK have no savings whatsoever. That’s almost a quarter of people who haven’t managed to put cash aside for a rainy day. And even those of us who have managed to put money aside may not be saving enough. The same Aviva research found that even those with retirement savings are around £9,900 short of the annual amount they need to live comfortably. Why can’t we Save? Research from the US identified that people are not naturally inclined to save money. This mostly comes down to a ‘Carpe Diem’ attitude i.e. we’re more motivated to live in the present and ‘seize the day’ than wait. So, rather than spending a bank holiday quietly doing nothing and saving the money instead, we’re more likely to book a crazy trip or a mini break or long lunches with friends. In fact, it’s occasion spending that often scuppers us. While many people ar

The Great Property Renting Race – how to find and keep that great property

One of the main reasons many of us want to buy is to get away from the insecurity of renting. The average UK tenancy is just 12 months and long-term tenancies of three to five years are unheard of. That means, for many tenants, there is an annual insecurity about losing the roof over your head. Add to that the increasing cost of renting and the lack of good properties and it can be a thoroughly anxiety inducing situation. But there are ways around it. If you want to find – and keep – a great rental property, it can be done. Finding your rental home There’s no need to rely on high street letting agents any more to find the best rental properties in your area. Online agencies such as Upad often have a much wider selection of options and lower fees. If you want to bypass the agent completely then sites like Open Rent connect landlords and tenants directly. Thinking it over Start by giving yourself the time to research the perfect property. Letting agents have a tendency to give the

How to cut the cost of Sky TV or find cheaper alternatives

Sky TV was one of the first providers to offer forward thinking home entertainment. Over the years, it has remained at the forefront of the market but it’s not the only choice. Today, many of us still opt for Sky TV out of habit. However, whether you’re looking for broadband, cable or pay per view you might be paying more than you need to with Sky. Sky Price increases As of June this year, Sky increased its prices once again – some subscriptions rose by as much as £72 a year. That’s a significant increase for any annual budget. Sky currently has more than 12 million UK subscribers across the country. So, that means for about a third of households in the UK, prices have gone up, some quite substantially. The reality is that we may be paying more than we need to. Sky has said that individual prices increases are capped at 8% for each customer. However, if you add the price increase to various ad ons, such as multi room cable or non-packaged sports channels, the end cost can be

What’s your financial personality type? Take our quiz to find out

Understanding your financial personality type will help you to better grasp why you behave the way you do with money, whether you need to change your attitude in order to achieve your goals and whether you are likely to achieve happiness if you stay on your current path. Take our fun quiz to find out your financial personality and to see whether your relationship with money is healthy or unhealthy.

7 Ways to find really affordable flights

By: Alex Hartley Apr 20, 2016 7 Ways to find really affordable flights When it comes to holidays and trips overseas, the most significant cost is often getting there. Flights can be incredibly pricey, especially to further flung locations, such as the Caribbean and the USA. However, you don’t need to let cost and distance stop you from adventuring, as there are some simple ways to find genuinely affordable flights. 1. Search in private browsing mode You may have noticed that when you’re trying to find flights, if you don’t buy the first time you start looking then the price gradually increases. Although this may seem like other customers are buying up these precious seats, it’s actually just a trick to push you into panic buying the flight at the current price. Browse for flights incognito in Google Chrome or Safari by pressing Command (or “Control” if using PC) and then Shift, N. In Firefox or Internet Explorer it’s Command (or “Control” if using a PC) then Shift, P