The current state of the UK’s cashback credit cards market

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Can it ever make sense to have a Store Card?

Store cards used to seem like a great idea. If you regularly shop with one retailer then a store card acts just like a credit card but specific to your favourite brand and with lots of benefits – doesn’t it? Although the idea may be sound in principle, store cards have recently been labelled “the devil’s debt” because more than two thirds of the cards on offer come with interest rates on purchases of 25 – 30%. So, is it ever going to be worth making purchases with a store card? Why do people have store cards? As well as the convenience of buying without cash, store cards have a number of other benefits too. Many offer discounts on purchases – the New Look card, for example offers 20% off a second purchase – and if you have a store card at somewhere like Topman then you’re entitled to free delivery every time you buy online. Store cards come with a credit limit just like any other credit card. However, these are frequently increased over time as customers remain loyal

Are you using the wrong credit card?

Credit cards are one of those financial tools that can be saintly or sinful depending on how you use them. The idea in principal – extending credit to help manage a short-term lack of cashflow – is a good one. A credit card can help you make big purchases, earn points and cover costs that you might otherwise have to save ages for. However, as we all know, they can also create serious debt problems and – for some – are simply not an option at all. One of the best ways to ensure that you have a positive experience with credit cards is to make sure that you’re using the right one.  We tend to assume that credit cards are all the same but there is actually quite a wide range, and different types suit different people. According to a recent survey from a marketing information firm, one in five people choose a credit card that doesn t actually match their spending habits. For example, having a card with a high APR and a large balance on it. Or choosing a card that accrues air mil

Your guide to Credit Cards

By: Amanda Gillam Jun 03, 2015 Your guide to Credit Cards The majority of people use credit cards and use them daily for all sorts of purchases. But are you using your credit card in the most efficient way? If you are not careful credit cards can turn your spending into a debt spiral. And if you are not careful you can spiral so deep that you may have little realistic chance of ever paying off your debt. So to avoid this you need to know the “rules” and play by them If you do you can get all the benefits of credit cards without any of the heartache. Our new guide aims to explain how to get the most from your card and how to stay in control of it. You can compare credit card deals on our website, and this includes credit cards that may suit people who have some form of poor credit history. Used wisely a credit card can help improve your credit score, and some cards are specifically created with this in mind. aims to help people find the credit that is right for the