Top 5 ways to break a shopping addiction

We often joke about being addicted to shopping or store cards. Comparisons to Paris Hilton or other famous shoppers, such as Cher from Clueless, are made in jest. However, the reality is that a shopping addiction can be a serious problem. In the US it even has a name – ‘compulsive buying disorder’ – and 18 million Americans are estimated to be affected. In the UK, the issue is just as bad – back in 2000, experts estimated one in five women to be a shopaholic and around 10% of the population as a whole to be shopping compulsively. Given the boom in online shopping, as well as the wide range of credit options that have developed since then, the likelihood is that in 2017 this problem is far worse. The consequences of a shopping addiction If you’re regularly and compulsively spending on shopping then you might find you experience a number of not too pleasant consequences: Often running out of money each month because you’ve spent it on shopping Never feeling satisfied with


How to make your 4 night New York city break affordable

New York is one of the more expensive cities in the world to visit. The notoriously expensive hotel rooms, transatlantic flights and high priced tours can quickly deplete budgets. However, New York is also one of those cities that is very open to visitors. Every corner feels like a film set, some of the best food is plentiful and cheap and famous sights are everywhere. If you’re planning a 4 night New York city break then it’s simple to make it more affordable. Flights to New York For the best start to your New York city break make sure you get the best deal on flights. Price comparison websites offer some great cut prices. However, it’s also worth looking at airline websites. In recognition of the need to be competitive, many airlines now ensure the best deals are on their own sites. Buy your flights during a flight sale if possible or look for heavily discounted options. Factors such as the day and time that you fly and whether you have any stopovers can all bring prices down.

The 11 best UK destinations for a weekend city break

The popularity of the ‘staycation’ has seen a renewed interest in UK towns and cities as annual holiday destinations. If you’re not a fan of flying, or you’re looking to save cash, British shores can be a great, simple option. The same goes for the city break. While Barcelona or Prague may have certain appeal, there are plenty of UK cities with hidden delights of their own. In fact, for those looking to do something different with spare weekends, it’s all about the British city break now. Ideal UK city break destinations Bath A historic town in southwest England, Bath is renowned for its Georgian architecture and Jane Austen’s influence. The old Roman Baths here provide a site of local interest and have also inspired a wonderful and luxurious modern spa. A wealth of shops, restaurants and bars give the city a cosmopolitan, as well as ancient, appeal. St Ives Wild and bohemian, St Ives is a city break by the sea that is also a gateway to the dramatic Cornish coast. This is