How Brexit might affect your bottom line

By: Alex Hartley Jun 20, 2016 How Brexit might affect your bottom line By the time Britain wakes up on Friday morning, the result of the referendum into the country’s continued membership of the European Union will be known. What will be less clear is what effect the vote will have on the personal finances of millions of people in the UK. The Remain campaign – led by the Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer – is clear: British households will be worse off if we choose to leave the EU than if we choose to stay in. The figures put forward by the Remain camp are stark: the British economy would shrink in GDP terms by 6 per cent by 2030 (not compared to now BUT compared to where the UK would otherwise be). So Britons would be, on average, £4,300 worse off each year. The Leave campaign has dismissed the figures as scaremongering, saying that by releasing Britain from regulations emanating from Brussels and saving our net annual EU contribution of £8.5 billion, businesses


5 loans to consider if you have bad credit

By: Alex Hartley May 23, 2016 5 loans to consider if you have bad credit A bad credit rating can feel like the end of the world when it comes to trying to arrange new finance. Millions of people in the UK have issues with their credit rating and yet, despite the volume of people this affects, we still believe that credit score problems mean that no lender will touch us. As personal finance has evolved to take into account the way the world is now, this is simply no longer the case. There are now loans tailored to people with credit problems. If you have a bad credit rating then consider these five loans as they are designed to help anyone without a perfect credit score. 1. Guarantor loans The idea behind guarantor loans is that they provide someone with a good credit score with the opportunity to help someone with a bad credit rating. A guarantor will essentially provide an insurance policy to a lender – if you can’t repay the loan then the guarantor agrees to do it for you. With

Cheap home improvements you can do in 1 day

By: Alex Hartley May 16, 2016 Cheap home improvements you can do in 1 day Home improvement sometimes seems like a mammoth task involving months of disturbance, lots of dustsheets and spiraling budgets. However, it doesn’t have to be this way as there are lots of home improvements that are simple to do. If you want to give your interiors a lift without committing to months of disruption then here are a few cheap home improvements ideas that you can do in a day. Paint a room Paint is probably the cheapest way to make a home improvement that will have significant impact on your interiors – it’s simple to get hold of and relatively easy to do a great job without much experience. If you’re fed up of minimalism then opt for a bold summer shade such as juicy orange or a pastel yellow and if you want to make a serious statement then try a petrol blue or sea green. If you don’t fancy painting an entire room then start with one wall – the ‘accent wall’ is a bona fide interiors t

7 Ways to find really affordable flights

By: Alex Hartley Apr 20, 2016 7 Ways to find really affordable flights When it comes to holidays and trips overseas, the most significant cost is often getting there. Flights can be incredibly pricey, especially to further flung locations, such as the Caribbean and the USA. However, you don’t need to let cost and distance stop you from adventuring, as there are some simple ways to find genuinely affordable flights. 1. Search in private browsing mode You may have noticed that when you’re trying to find flights, if you don’t buy the first time you start looking then the price gradually increases. Although this may seem like other customers are buying up these precious seats, it’s actually just a trick to push you into panic buying the flight at the current price. Browse for flights incognito in Google Chrome or Safari by pressing Command (or “Control” if using PC) and then Shift, N. In Firefox or Internet Explorer it’s Command (or “Control” if using a PC) then Shift, P

Why your pension could be at risk

By: Alex Hartley Apr 07, 2016 Why your pension could be at risk For many of us, there has been little positive economic news to shout about in recent months and the pensions issues that emerged in February of this year have given us even more cause for concern. It was reported widely in the news that thousands of people could find that they end up losing savings put aside for pensions as a result of the new auto enrolment schemes that have been introduced by the government over the past couple of years. What’s happened? Thanks to the Pensions Act 2008, every employer in the UK now has an obligation to make sure that certain staff are enrolled into a pension scheme, and contribute towards it  On the face of it this seems like a great idea. However, the industry regulator – the Pensions Regulator – has said that a number of these pension schemes, in particular the smaller ones, could end up collapsing, which would mean that anyone who had their savings in one would lose everythin

6 Questions to ask before you borrow

By: Alex Hartley Mar 31, 2016 6 Questions to ask before you borrow Borrowing is as much a part of life for us all now as work/weddings/childcare/holidays and supermarket queues on a Friday night. It’s something that most of us factor in to our finances at some point, from using credit cards, to taking out a mortgage to help buy a home. As credit has become an every day occurrence for British consumers, the markets for different credit types have expanded and there is now a broad range of choice for those looking for financial help. So, here are six questions you should ask yourself if you thinking of borrowing: How much do you want to borrow? Determining how much credit you need is the first step to identifying the best credit option out there. Most will have a cap on the maximum level of credit that you will be offered so do some research and work out how much you need. For example, if you want to borrow five or six figures to fund a property purchase then a mortgage is really your

Borrowing to help your future

By: Alex Hartley Mar 24, 2016 Borrowing to help your future Debt is part of modern life – figures from The Money Charity indicate that in the UK the average household debt (inc. mortgages) is around £54,000 and collectively we owe £1.460 trillion. That’s mortgages, unsecured loans, credit cards, overdrafts, stored card, homeowner loans, etc. So, it’s very rare to come across someone who hasn’t some form of borrowing, particularly if they are younger. The idea behind consumer debt is simple – rather than saving first and then spending, borrow the money, make the purchase to get the benefit earlier and then worry how to pay it off. Yes, there is always the potential to get into trouble with debt but using it sensibly can help set you up for the future. Mortgages Borrowing to fund a property purchase is one of the most typical types of debt in the UK. We are a society very focused on property ownership but with house prices climbing at rates far faster than our salaries are incre