How to turn getting fit and staying so into cash!

Obesity is one of the leading preventable causes of death. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation one in four British adults is obese. That puts the British high up the world ‘obesity league’ above countries such as Ireland and Spain. Not only that but one in 16 people has diabetes in the UK, mostly Type 2, which is linked to poor lifestyle choices. Plus, nearly 10% of children in the first year of school in the UK are overweight. So, the UK is not exactly a shining example of good health. The problem Many causes have been put forward as to why we have become such an unhealthy nation. From desk jobs and longer working hours, to the increase in TV time and addictions to unhealthy foods, there are lots of opportunities to become fatter and less fit. However, what stands out as a bigger problem than any other is a lack of motivation. We’re all happy to like Instagram photos that provide #fitspo but when it comes to getting up and achieving that for ourselves – not


How to avoid fake news and burst your “filter bubble”

Filter bubbles and fake news are not the same thing, but they both have an enormous impact on the news and information you consume, and therefore the opinions you are likely to form. If you want to remain open-minded and take a balanced view you need to be able spot fake news and burst your information filter bubble. ‘Fake news’ has been much in the headlines recently – mostly thanks to its hijack as a term by Donald Trump. While its purported influence in major historic events, such as the 2016 presidential election in America and Brexit referendum in the UK, is unnerving the attention it has generated has been useful. Because for the first time, many of us are beginning to appreciate how we digest the news and how it’s completely possible to exist in an information bubble of your own making. How did we get here? The personalisation of news has changed the way that we digest world events. 50 years or so ago we might have all watched the same news channels and read the same ne

A summary of pawnbroking and how to use a pawnbroker

Pawnbroking is a custom as old as time – it even existed in the Ancient Greek and Roman Empires. The practice arrived in England with William the Conqueror in the 1050s and has been used by kings and paupers to help raise cash at essential moments. Even some of the most successful historical figures have a history of pawning their stuff – King Henry V pawned his jewels in 1415 to raise money for a war with France. The famous Medici family of Florence is thought to have provided the symbol of pawnbrokers worldwide – three spheres hanging from a bar. Wherever you see that sign then there’s a pawnbroker nearby. Does pawnbroking still exist? Yes, very much so. If you’re looking to pawn one of your possessions then you normally have two options. Either you can opt to sell the item to the pawnbroker or you can loan cash from the pawnbroker for a set period, such as six months, with the item as security. You can retrieve what you’ve pawned at any time by repaying the loan and the

How to stretch your budget at University

It’s now just a matter of weeks before 500,00+ students head off to university for the first time. And while there’s the prospect of learning, new friends, activities and adventures, the nightmare of debt, tuition fees and running out of cash also looms large for many. This year, tuition fees are rising to £9,250 at most UK universities. Rents are higher than they have ever been and we’re all feeling the pinch from post-Brexit price rises. So, if you’re a new student or one heading back to university in October 2017 how do you win at your finances without winning the lottery first? Make the most of the money that you have Money might be tight but there are ways that you can make it go further. Learn how to budget. According to research by Leeds Beckett University around 20% of students arrive at university worried about how to manage their finances. Budgeting is the foundation of making the most of the money you’ve got and staying in control. What is coming in, what has to

Our “Money Matters” Spotify Playlist about Money & Wealth

In a recent blog post we explored how popular music seems to talk more about our personal relationships than about our relationship with money. And this is the case even though we probably spend an equal amount of time worrying about each of them we want to be happy in our choice of partner, and we want to feel happy that we have no money worries. And of course relationships and money are linked as the saying goes: Love flies out of the window when money flies out of the door.

Top tips for ebay Sellers – how to achieve the best prices

When ebay first launched in 1995 it was something of a revolution. An online marketplace where consumer to consumer and business to consumer sales could take place opened up a lot of opportunities. Now, thanks to the success of the site you can sell anything via ebay – all you need is someone who wants to buy it. And, as a result, ebay now sees around 2 billion transactions per day. Whether you’re a regular ebay seller making a living out of the site, or you use it occasionally to get rid of old clothes or electronics, it’s a great way to generate cash. However, the way that you use ebay is important – this not only dictates how successful you’ll be in getting a great price but also how to protect yourself from losing out to scammers. Protecting yourself on eBay The London Metropolitan Police investigate thousands of ebay related crimes every year. Most are focused on unscrupulous sellers looking to rip off consumers but there are issues for those who are selling too. From b

Top tips on going back to school on a budget

The Best 2017 Back to School Deals Although it hardly seems a minute since Roger Federer won Wimbledon – or since the sunshine of Glastonbury Festival – the summer of 2017 is just about over. And, as the school term looms, so too does the huge bill that comes with kitting out kids for another academic year. No one wants to go back to school for a new term without all the essentials so where can you find the deals to get everything you need for the family without breaking the bank? Stationary Despite the tech that drives many classrooms these days most kids still need good old fashion stationary for day-to-day learning. From pens and paper to note books and pencil cases, if you’re getting a great deal on back to school stationary then everyone is happy. High street store Paperchase has a range of super colourful stationary and kit for children of all ages – they’re currently offering 3 for 2 on all the essentials, from highlighters to erasers. You can also pick up the basics