How to release equity to pay for home improvements

While even getting on the property ladder is a tough task for younger generations, many over 50s are already living mortgage free. Property is considered the wisest of investments. In fact, according to a report by Consumer Intelligence, one in three people has given up on a pension to fund retirement, relying on investing in property instead. However, the most pressing question for many property owners is what happens if you need to access some of the cash you’ve poured into bricks and mortar. How can you turn that investment liquid without selling? This is where equity release comes in. “I’d like to make improvements to my home but I don’t have the disposable income.” “My property requires repairs or upgrades but I’m not sure how to pay for it.” “I’d like to be able to give my son a contribution to a deposit for a flat but I don’t have much in the way of savings.” “I’ve worked hard to pay off my mortgage but now don’t have much cash with which to enjoy


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