Mobile roaming charges banned from June 15

Britain may be leaving the European Union but for those of us going on holiday to the Continent this summer, we might find that we are grateful the UK is still a member for now. As of June 15, all mobile phone roaming charges across Europe and some other destinations were banned. The move by the EU – which was put in train two years ago – followed a long campaign by consumer rights groups angry at the sometimes-extortionate prices that mobile phone operators were charging users for making calls or using data while on holiday. Despite the carriers all using exactly the same infrastructure both at home and abroad, there were reports of account holders arriving home to be confronted with bills for thousands of pounds because their children had used their phones to stream YouTube videos. The campaign by consumer groups led to a series of staged cuts in the price of roaming on the road to an eventual ban on it altogether. From June 15, all Europeans are able to make mobile calls, send


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