The best and most resilient streaming services

The benefits of using streaming services have been well established. Whether you’re consuming film, TV or music, on the whole, you’ll pay less and have access to a wider range of options by signing up to Spotify, Netflix or one of the other large and popular services.  Of course, now that streaming services have become such a widely used option there are lots of different providers to choose from. Which can present its own set of issues: too much choice. Which provider is the ‘best’ and which one is the most likely to give you want you’re looking for over the long term? Netflix Best for: TV In almost every poll Netflix comes out on top when it comes to video streaming. The service has been up and running since 1997 and was one of the first to enter the market. It has real longevity and resilience with customers and is consistently a first choice for streaming TV and film. One reason for this is the cost, which Netflix has kept continuously low. Another reason is the value f


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