TV soaps highlight the risks of using illegal money lenders

Soaps such as Coronation Street have some pretty arresting storylines that are designed to make us think. From bullying, to eating disorders, any regular soap watcher will have seen it all. Earlier this year Coronation Street highlighted the dangers of borrowing from illegal money lenders with Tyrone and Fiz who got into a spot of bother with a loan shark. Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones. Why do we borrow badly? The perception is often that established lenders are less likely to offer finance to anyone who doesn’t have great credit. Like the characters in the soap opera scripts we often think that there are no options left other than the illegal lender. There are also plenty of illegal lenders who seem perfectly reasonable and friendly at first – and then turn out to have a completely different agenda. Threats of violence, spiralling ‘interest’ and huge debt demands can all be part of the experience of borrowing from a money lender who is less than legal. Is there a


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