A guide to self storage in the UK

Self storage has become quite a phenomenon in the UK. According to a 2016 UK Self Storage Association report there are now 1,077 self storage sites in the UK and the industry is valued at around £440 million. With all of us increasingly pushed for space, self storage can often provide a money saving alternative to office rentals, moving home or paying unnecessary rent. The UK loves self storage Ten years ago few people really used self storage, or even understood what it was for. Today, 90% of us are aware of it as a service and 37,600,000 of square footage is dedicated to the industry. That actually makes the UK the largest self storage market in Europe, followed by France, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany and Sweden. Where did self storage come from? The ancient Chinese might have invented self storage but the industry, as we know it today, was developed in the US in the 1960s. The first self stores were created by those with…well, something to store (although some believe it was


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