Home improvements that give the best financial return

Home improvement can make your space much nicer to live in; and, if done well, it can also add significantly to the value of your home. With house prices stalling (a little), for those looking to sell – or anyone with an urge to make some changes – now is the perfect time to tackle a home improvement or two. However, not all home improvements have the same ratio of effort to reward. So, which are likely to add the most to the value of your home and which are just nice to look at? Invest in an extension Many people choose to extend a property where there is the space to do so. This may be to add a bedroom or study, or even something luxurious like a games room or home cinema. As each extension is different, the cost of doing it varies considerably. When you’re working out whether this is a good investment of your resources, look at house prices in your area and see how much an additional bedroom or garage adds to an otherwise similar home. On average, an additional bedroom adds a


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