What’s the current thinking on the shape of Brexit?

Amid the media frenzy over Prime Minister Theresa May’s decision to call a snap General Election on June 8, there’s been a huge amount of speculation about what this means for the forthcoming Brexit negotiations. In particular, the media has speculated about whether an increased Conservative majority will strengthen Mrs May’s hand when it comes to negotiating Britain’s exit from the European Union with the bloc’s other 27 members. But the deal that Britain seeks and could get has gone largely unmentioned in recent days with the focus purely being on Mrs May’s authority at home and her resolve that “there can be no going back on Brexit”. So, what is a Brexit deal likely to look like once Britain finally gets down to the negotiations which will probably run through to the end of 2018 with Britain finally leaving in the spring of the following year? Hard or Soft Brexit? The answer to this question from most analysts is neither. Although Mrs May has ruled out seeking con


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