How to get credit – if you rent your home or have bad credit

Credit ratings are playing an increasingly central role in our lives – whether we like it or not. Everything from mortgages and loans, to car insurance and credit cards depends on your credit rating. And not just whether you’re eligible for a product but also the kind of deal that you get. So, if you don’t have the perfect credit score – or even anywhere close to it – what can you do? What is a credit rating? Credit ratings look at your financial history and try to create a picture for a potential lender of whether you’re a good risk. There is no single universal credit rating in the UK and a blacklist doesn’t exist. Although many lenders do take a similar approach, there is no one central way of credit scoring. So, if you don’t have a good credit score with one lender, it may not be as bad as with another. Mostly, the credit rating is about trying to predict behaviours. The factors taken into account – your current debts, your repayment history, credit agreements an


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