The financial help available for a business startup

Britain continues to produce more entrepreneurs than any other country in Europe. Figures from 2015 – the latest year that figures are available – show that close to 600,000 new businesses were registered with Companies House, a rise of almost 10% on the previous year. Most of these businesses were small enterprises launched by just one person. Very few were larger scale businesses led by groups of directors. Millions of us dream of starting our own business but shy away from what can be a hugely liberating experience because of a lack of finance. But not having the money in the bank does not have to spell the end of your dream of going it alone because there are still many forms of financial help on offer. In this article, we look at the different forms of finance available to you if you want to step out on your own. Grants and loans Startup Loans Originally targeted just at younger entrepreneurs, the government’s Startup Loans scheme is now open to anybody from any age. If yo


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