Is being self-employed the new 9 to 5?

More people than ever in the UK are choosing to be self-employed. The number of self employed people in this country now accounts for 15% of the workforce and numbers rose by an impressive 133,000 last year in just 12 months. In 1975 just 8.7% of the British workforce was self-employed and pre-recession in 2008 this figure was 13%. So, are we gradually heading towards a workforce where self-employment is the norm for many? Why do so many choose self-employment? There have been many reasons put forward for the rise in these figures. Jobs in many industries have been scarce since the start of the recession in 2008 and self-employment is a better option than no employment at all. Then there are those working past pensionable age, choosing self-employment either out of a desire to keep working or the need to maintain an income. The government has also made it increasingly difficult to get employment benefit, pushing people towards self-employment instead, which of course creates much more


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