What Sick Pay are you entitled to?

Sickness can be costly if you work for yourself then days lost to being ill can seriously affect your income. And if you’re employed, accessing your sick day allowance can be confusing and you may feel pressure not to take it. Britons were absent from work for an average of 4.3 days in 2016 and roughly 137 million working days were lost to illness and injury. Coughs and colds, as well as musculoskeletal problems accounted for the largest numbers of sick days taken. Whether serious or minor, illness is a part of life for all of us it’s better to be prepared and aware of any rights and entitlements you have than without a plan. Sick pay when you’re employed If you work for someone else then you’re likely to be better covered for sick days than working for yourself. Most employers have their own internal sick pay scheme, which provides the workforce with a set number of days of cover per year. Even if an employer doesn’t have a company sick pay scheme, they are still required t


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