Borrow what you need – don’t buy it!

Anyone with an older sibling knows the benefits of The Borrow . Rather than paying for something yourself, simply borrow from an older brother or sister and then return it before they notice. In the adult world, this principle is getting a new airing thanks to a wave of technology designed to help you get what you want without paying full price. The range of borrow-able items is broad, whether you’re looking for a bouncy castle for a kid’s party or a pair of shoes for a wedding. And of course it works the other way around too – you can be the lender or the borrower. In the modern world, many consumers have two major issues. Firstly, we probably don’t have the money to buy everything we want. And secondly, most of us have got a houseful of items that we don’t really use that much. It might be the skirts bought in the sale that just never looked good. Or perhaps a fantastic electric drill that comes out once every couple of years (statistically, a household drill only gets 12


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