Cutting the cost of your utility bills the smart way

Utilities can make quite a hole in your monthly budget. However, they’re a necessary part of life for all of us. Gas and electricity, TV, phone, broadband etc keep us in heat, light, communication and entertainment. But, while we all have to cover the cost of them, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to pay full price. If you’re looking to cut the cost of your utility bills then there are some simple ways to do it. Fix your energy bills Experts estimate you can save around £300 a year by fixing your energy bills as prices continue to rise. Choose a dual tariff and you’ll save money too. You can also make savings by option for the right payment method – most energy companies will give discounts to customers who pay by direct debit, rather than cash or cheque.  And if you re on a pre-payment meter read about how to move to a credit account. Opt for broadband without a phone line Not everyone uses a landline these days. For many, a home phone is just an annoying sourc


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