The pros and cons of working under a Zero Hours contract

Zero Hours Contracts have had a lot of press over the past couple of years. Although officially a type of employment contract, they represent probably the least commitment an employer can give to an employee. This has both advantages and disadvantages. However you feel about Zero Hours Contracts there is no doubt that they are becoming increasingly widely used. So, what exactly are they and what advantages and disadvantages do they have? What is a Zero Hours Contract? At its most basic, a Zero Hours Contract is an offer of employment with no guarantee of work. So, it’s a contract that allows staff to be hired by an employer but doesn’t create any obligation on the employer to offer a minimum number of hours per week or month. According to the Office for National Statistics more than 700,000 people are currently on Zero Hours Contracts in the UK. So, despite the fact that they don’t always receive the most complimentary press they must have some benefit. Who uses Zero Hours Contr


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