Why decluttering your life is good for you

You might think that decluttering is simply tidying up. However, a whole way of thinking has developed behind ideas of decluttering that extends from your physical space, to your mental wellbeing. If 2017 is the year in which you want to see changes to old habits, bad relationships and lacklustre progress, decluttering could be your ticket there. What is decluttering and how can it help? The definition of declutter comes in two parts. The first is “to remove unnecessary items” and the second, “from an untidy or overcrowded space.” So, the central ideas behind decluttering are basically to get rid of what you no longer need to make life less crowded. This has obvious relevance to physical spaces but can go much further than that too. So, what areas of your life can you declutter and what benefits can you expect to see as a result? Your home There are many reasons why a decluttered home might be good for you. From basic hygiene and making spaces easier to clean and access, to ma


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