The most common online scams to be aware of

It’s 2017 and time to start thinking about new year’s resolutions and changes. And for hackers and scammers, that means resolving to find ever more creative ways to con us out of our hard earned cash. We’ve put together a list of some of the most common online scams – as well as those likely to be popular in 2017. The best way to avoid getting scammed is to educate yourself about the possibilities, and then protect against them. The HMRC scam The first tax payment deadline of the year falls on January 31st and scammers see this as a great opportunity. For most of us, dealing with the taxman is not a pleasant experience. It’s complex, confusing and more often than not results in having to pay more cash than you expected. So, if you get an email apparently from HMRC demanding a payment, you might be tempted to rush to pay it. However, we’d recommend that you think twice before doing this. HMRC does not send out emails demanding cash so check any email you receive very carefu


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