Top 5 money problems faced by Britons today

Figures from the Money Advice Service in 2016 found that more than 8 million Britons have ‘problem debt’. This is just one of the numerous money problems that keep many of us awake at night. Issues with money cover a whole wide range of areas. From not having enough in the bank for a rainy day, to being unable to repay what has been borrowed, few of us has escaped with our finances constantly in the pink. As we start a new year, what are the top 5 money problems likely faced by Britons in 2017? The Christmas Hangover A survey in December 2016 found that more than a quarter of families in Briton were planning to borrow to pay for Christmas. With the average cost of Christmas coming in at £700 £800 for a household, it’s easy to see how we get into trouble. The temptation to borrow and put off thinking about it until the new year is too great when there are gifts to get and turkey to buy. However, that means that for a lot of people January can be a really difficult month. Borro


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