How to get your Council Tax reduced

Council tax payments make up a significant proportion of the average household’s monthly expenditure. In some cases, a household’s council tax payment can represent about 10 per cent of its total outgoings. But if your home is in the wrong council tax band, then it’s possible that you may be paying far too much every month and you could be in line for a refund. If you think that you are paying too much council tax each month, what can you do about it? What is council tax? Any home that is classed as a residential property and a primary residence is subject to council tax that includes houses, flats, permanent caravans (statics) and even houseboats. Council tax is used to fund your local authority, police and fire service expenditure. That includes your county and district or unitary authorities as well as your parish council. The amount of council tax you will actually pay depends on the value of your home. Every property in England and Scotland is put in one of eight council t


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