How will economic and political changes affect UK jobs market?

2016 has been something of a turbulent year. The departures of David Bowie and Leonard Cohen were bad enough. However, with a Trump presidency, a looming Brexit and the after effects of recession there’s plenty of ongoing challenges to contend with right now. For UK jobs market, each of these events (bar Bowie and Cohen) has an impact. Some industries suffer and others grow. But the ongoing uncertainty attached to economic and political factors right now is causing a general slowdown. Post Brexit jobs market wobble In the weeks and months immediately after Brexit, everything seemed to shudder to a slight halt. UK recruitment specialists Hays reported that the jobs market in the UK weakened significantly at the time of the vote. However, now that we’re almost at the end of the year, it seems to be rebounding. As with everything to do with Brexit, it’s the uncertainty that creates the negative conditions. However, there is hope. While wage growth remained sluggish around 2.3%, the


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