Diet & Fitness tips for the New Year

It’s that time of year again when carb intake shoots up and exercise frequency drops down. What with all the mince pies, alcohol and late nights of December, most of us end up a little out of shape come New Year’s Eve. But, with a fresh year on the horizon, it’s time to think about some healthy changes for 2017. Whether you want to lose weight, or just get stronger, there are lots of ways to slim down and shape up in 2017. Try the GOLO diet GOLO was actually the most searched diet online in 2016 and yet somehow managed to stay mostly under the press radar. The diet is designed to help control weight by managing insulin. Meals are designed around fresh food and are low in processed ingredients. Insulin is the hormone that the human body uses to turn sugars from food into energy. The aim of the diet is to eat in a way that allows insulin to work properly and to encourage weight loss, rather than gain, from properly using food as fuel. Work your exercise around your life Tough Mudd


Prospects for the UK housing market in 2017

There’s a lot of negative talk about the UK housing market. Not enough homes, very little that’s affordable, and bad conditions for tenants are just some of the complaints. They’re all true, of course – and that’s been rather a depressing thought for homeowners and renters alike. But is 2017 likely to be any different? We’ve looked at the forecasts and policy changes on the horizon and picked out the factors that could change things one way or another next year. The need for new homes UK chancellors haven’t had great success when it comes to housebuilding. However, Philip Hammond has had positive feedback from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors who said his current plan – announced in the Autumn Statement has legs. Next year we will see attempts to unlock land for housing. There will also be a £2.3bn housing infrastructure fund designed to help establish the infrastructure for new homes. Money is also being funnelled into the creation of more affordable hous

‘Tis the season of budgeting for 2017

There’s a sense that everyone is hungry for Christmas this year. What with all the political upheaval and unsettling events, the distraction of twinkly lights, mulled wine and presents is more than welcome. If you want to make sure that this positive goodwill continues into 2017 then focus on any areas of your life that aren’t quite up to scratch. For many of us, that’s budgeting and finances. With our 2017 budgeting tips you can make sure that you start next year as you mean to go on – with a strong plan and focused resolutions. Go on a cash diet There is an argument that many of us overspend when we use plastic but not if we’re paying with cash. It often seems much more real to hand over actual money and that can help you to keep a tighter hold on your finances. If you have trouble with your spending then start the year on a cash diet. Pay for everything in cash and leave your cards at home for the first three months of the year. You’ll be able to reset any unhealthy hab

Are you in a JAM? Are you just about managing?

Are you one of the families that Prime Minister Theresa May recently described as ‘just about managing’ or JAM? Mrs May recently said that one of her priorities was to help those JAM families. She said her priority was: …putting government firmly on the side of not only the poorest in our society, important though that is and will remain, but also of those in Britain who are working hard but just about managing. It means helping to make their lives a little easier; giving them greater control over the issues they care about the most.

The pros and cons of using PayPal

PayPal is now the biggest third party payment provider in the world meaning that it now dominates online processing on sites that go far beyond its origins on eBay. A huge number of retailers now try to get you to use PayPal when you make an online purchase. But there are both advantages and disadvantages to doing this. Here, we look at the pros and cons of PayPal. Advantages of PayPal PayPal is safe. PayPal encrypts all of its customers’ data to the highest possible standard. Its servers check your browser to make sure that you are using the latest encryption technology. It then stores that data on servers which are not directly connected to the rest of the web. That means that even if PayPal’s public-facing servers are hacked, your data has a higher level of protection than with many other payment providers. Sending money to friends and family is free. If you ever have to send money to somebody in your family who is at university or abroad, then you’ll know that many providers

Your social media personal finance money experts

Social media is increasingly becoming a resource for everything, from personal finance tips to recipes. However, with billions of users worldwide, Twitter, Facebook etc can be hard to navigate. If you’re looking for personal finance advice from the experts then you could spend hours wasting time. To help you avoid the duds we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 personal finance experts on social media and then there s our blog and Facebook page too! @Miss_Thrifty This enormously popular social media account is the work of award winning blogger Miss Thrifty. As the name suggests, the blog and social posts are all about being thrifty and saving cash. Recipes and household money saving tips, as well as solutions for reducing food waste are all part of the fun. Ideas are very family focused but plenty of tips for individuals too, from reducing energy costs to how to clean patent leather. @moneycouk Hannah Maundrell is the editor of and a smart Twitter account to follow fo

The best Christmas 2016 movies and TV

TV and films play a big part in Christmas for many of us. From the big Christmas Day movie, to the cinema releases scheduled specifically for holiday viewing, on screen entertainment is plentiful. Whether you’re a fan of the classic reruns, or looking for something new, there are lots of options for Christmas 2016. Our Christmas Movie & TV Picks The big cartoon: Moana (cinema) Released in the UK on 2nd December, Moana is the 2016 Christmas Disney movie. The film follows the story of Moana Waialiki, the daughter and heir of a chief on the small Polynesian island of Motunui. Teenage Moana sails out on a daring mission to prove herself a master wayfinder and fulfill her ancestors unfinished quest. The CG-animated adventure is great fun and filled with great characters and plenty of music and songs. Look out for Tamatoa, a self-absorbed crab who likes only shiny things and thinks appearances are everything. Proving him wrong is one of the central themes of the feel good film. The TV cla