Why a Will is important and how to make a will

Making a will is important and yet it’s thought that more than half of people over the age of 50 have not written one and made no provision in the event of their death. A will sets out what happens to your estate – your money, all your possessions and your property – when you die. If you don’t make a will, then the courts will end up deciding how your estate is apportioned after your death and this may mean that your relatives do not get the inheritance that you or they want. Everyone s impression of what a will looks like something formal and dull. But it is critical you have one and making one need not be hard.   What’s important about a will? When you make a will, your family and friends will have a much simpler time sorting out your estate after your death. If you die without making a will, then it’s almost guaranteed that this will be more complicated, take longer and cause unnecessary stress and anxiety for your loved ones. When you die without a will being in pla


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