How to cut the cost of Sky TV or find cheaper alternatives

Sky TV was one of the first providers to offer forward thinking home entertainment. Over the years, it has remained at the forefront of the market but it’s not the only choice. Today, many of us still opt for Sky TV out of habit. However, whether you’re looking for broadband, cable or pay per view you might be paying more than you need to with Sky. Sky Price increases As of June this year, Sky increased its prices once again – some subscriptions rose by as much as £72 a year. That’s a significant increase for any annual budget. Sky currently has more than 12 million UK subscribers across the country. So, that means for about a third of households in the UK, prices have gone up, some quite substantially. The reality is that we may be paying more than we need to. Sky has said that individual prices increases are capped at 8% for each customer. However, if you add the price increase to various ad ons, such as multi room cable or non-packaged sports channels, the end cost can be


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