How to get the best travel money foreign currency exchange rates

Exchange rate forecasts have been somewhat gloomy since the Brexit vote. However, although the pound may have dropped, you can still get the best possible rates on travel money if you know how. Perhaps you’re planning some winter sun for the new year. Or maybe you’re looking to gift currency to a traveller in the family for Christmas. We’ve got some great tips on how to find the best travel currency rates right now. Make sure you know the lingo The fastest way to get a bad deal on travel money is to get confused. Key to this is understanding what the jargon means. A ‘sell rate’ is what you will get when you hand over British pounds. A ‘buy rate’ applies to a situation where you’re exchanging currency you didn’t spend back into pounds. And the gap between the two rates is the profit margin earned by the currency trader it can be quite large! Buy your foreign currency online Many of the best travel money exchange rates are to be found online. Even if you’re buying fr


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