Is High Street Rent to Buy a sensible financial choice?

You know the stomach churning feeling when the usually reliable washing machine breaks down. Suddenly your weekly routine is shot to pieces. How are you going to get today’s laundry done? What about tomorrow’s? Where’s the nearest launderette? How are you going to catch up with the backlog? It’s a nightmare that we’re all been through at one time or another. And if your machine, or any other appliance or gadget for that matter, has got to the point where repairs just no longer make economic sense then maybe it’s time to replace it. If your budget is tight and your savings are low or non-existent then you’ll need to get your replacement on credit. But how to do it? The rise of High Street Rent to Buy Buying household items on credit is very common. Historically that might have meant your local Curry’s store or DFS. Here you would negotiate the price and also the terms of credit over say a 12 month period. You’d take ownership and make monthly repayments. But repaying


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