The pros and cons of multi car insurance

Multi car insurance is a great option for families and groups. Rather than covering a single car, the multi policy can cover numerous cars. Most multi policies will cover between two and five cars. Multi policies normally offer all of the same benefits as a regular policy but extend it to multiple cars. The only condition most insurers apply to the insured vehicles is that they must all be registered at the same address. However, although this seems like a great deal, multi car insurance policies don’t always have the best reputation. So, what are the pros and cons of multi car insurance? The pros of multi car insurance A discount. One of the major reasons to invest in multi car insurance is the discount that it offers on the premium. You can save several hundred pounds by insuring numerous cars under one policy. If you don’t get the deal you were hoping for when you enquire about a multi insurance policy then haggle. Most insurers will be willing to increase the discount if you a


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