5 tips to make your house more saleable

If you’re selling your home then the goal is to achieve the best possible price. While this has a lot to do with land and building design, a whole range of other factors can influence buying decisions too. You may not have the budget for a kitchen refit or brand new carpet. However, you can still have a positive influence on how saleable your home is with these top 5 tips. And if you re home has been on the market for a while and you want to make your house more saleable then these tips will be of particular interest. Tip 1 – de-clutter your space This is a great, simple tip for selling a home (and for life in general). Clutter is very off-putting to buyers. It prevents anyone who might be interested in purchasing your home from being able to really see it. Most people can’t see past other people’s clutter and will assume there is something to hide. Buyers also make judgements based on how cluttered a home is. For example, they may assume that a lack of organisation might mean


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