How to make a fortune on YouTube

Some of us may never have heard them but there are a generation of youngsters who make a fortune on YouTube with their videos in some cases more than the highest paid stars on TV. Take Felix Kjellberg, a 26-year-old Swede. It’s almost certain that you’ve never heard of him under his real name. But Kjellberg, or PewDiePie as he is known on YouTube, made £10 million in pre-tax profits last year. PewDiePie’s channel may not to be everyone’s taste – as it is filled with profanity – but more than 40 million people are loyal subscribers, logging on every day to watch him play video games. It is those 40 million subscribers that advertisers are so keen to reach and so Kjellberg and YouTube are able to charge a premium for brands to have their products featured in his videos. Kjellberg is not alone – last year more than 10 YouTube channels each raked in more than £2 million in pre-tax profits. The channels feature a mix of comedy, beauty tips, playing musical instruments, pl


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