Energy saving light bulbs and your wallet

You may have noticed… you cannot buy traditional light bulbs any more. That’s because old-fashioned bulbs have been phased out across Europe as part of efforts to reduce electricity consumption and to combat climate change. You might also have noticed that the energy saving light bulbs replacing these traditional bulbs are much more expensive. In some cases, an individual bulb can now cost as much as £10 when its incandescent predecessor would have been less than £1. That’s because energy saving light bulbs come in a large number of specifications, wattages, materials and shapes. If you buy one of the more expensive bulbs from a recognised brand, then tests have shown that it is likely that it will save you money over its life time, last for years and provide an exact match with the colour and brightness that is shown on the box it comes in. What are the types of energy saving light bulbs? Energy-saving light bulbs come in three types: Halogen bulbs Compact fluorescent lamps


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