Get your finances ready for Christmas and save money

Our gas and electricity bills are some of our most substantial monthly expenses. Over a full year energy is likely to account for 5% of a household s disposable income. And yet, last year 85% of us did not switch energy supplier to find a better deal! In typical British fashion it seems that most of us are more likely to complain and stay put than to take the time to jump ship. However, for those who do opt to find a new supplier, the benefits can be huge. Why should you switch energy supplier? The energy industry has not exactly covered itself in glory over the past decade. Scandals over billing, huge price hikes and poor management have left customers angry. However, we are now in an era of increased choice when it comes to energy. While, a decade ago, it may have been a case of selecting the lesser of two evils, now there are many more options. Whether you want to buy your energy from a big name or a smaller coop there is plenty of choice. Best of all, if you do switch your energy


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