Does pet insurance make financial sense?

Britain is a nation of pet lovers. We share our homes and our lives with dogs, cats, guinea pigs, tortoises… even giant lizards. But owning and caring for a pet can be an eye-wateringly expensive hobby with vet bills for even minor operations running to hundreds of pounds. For many, the answer is pet insurance and the security in knowing that should your pet fall ill or have an accident, there will be somebody there to pick up the tab when you can’t afford to. But insurance is not cheap with monthly premiums which can sometimes be large plus excesses when you do have to make a claim. So, if you do have one or more pets and you’re concerned about paying for their care, should you consider pet insurance? What does pet insurance cover? There is a myriad of things that pet insurance covers and plenty of conditions that it doesn’t. Most pet insurance coverage is dependent on the breed of animal so you should start by comparing policies that cover your particular pet. Most insuranc


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